making the world a better place, one install at a time.

DNL Solar

Gone are the days of consuming fossil-fuels with a guilt free conscious. The time for change is now, and we at DNL Solar intend to facilitate a greener and more sustainable future.  

It is without question that solar power is today's resource for a brighter tomorrow. Urgent action needs to be taken to reverse the affects of green-house gasses, which is why we are passionate about renewable energy and it's extensive benefits. 


To educate the wider community on the benefits of solar power and renewable energy. We intend for households to be aware of how their investment into sustainable power systems not only benefits them financially, but facilitates a better tomorrow for future generations and the environment around them.


A world free of global-warming and other pollution related environmental disasters, where each of us is aware of our ecological footprint and can be proud of how we have contributed to a more sustainable future. 

Sustainable Energy


leave it all to us.

step 1


Our team will visit on site and note energy requirements & review your current electrical invoices.

Based on this, we will design the system and quote according to your financial ability.

step 2


Check eligibility and apply for government rebates, including but not limited to: $1400 solar rebate, $1400 interest free loan, and STC- discount offered depending on how many panels you purchase. (A standard 6.6KW system is a discount of $2730 approx.)

step 3


Attend and install the system. Organise and facilitate electrical inspection. Upon approval, DNL will connect your system with chosen provider. 

a relationship for a lifetime


Our team will be availble for the life of your system, whether that be assisting with maintenance, warranty repair and/or upgrades.