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A solar install a day keeps your electrical bills at bay

Solar power- we know you've heard about it, perhaps even considered it, but do you really know what solar comprises of and how it can truly benefit you? Lucky for you, DNL live and breathe solar energy and are only too happy to help you hop on the green energy train. We promise you won't regret it!

First of all, let's talk about the ENVIRONMENT. It is not news that our environment is being damaged day in and out by the burning of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gasses such as carbon monoxide from energy resources such as coal, oil and gas are unquestionably facilitating global warming. It makes you wonder... what kind of world will we be living in by 2050? Will my grandchildren have clean air to breathe and pure water to drink? It's a scary thought, and one we consider daily.

Thanks to renewable energy such as wind, hydro, wave and bioenergy, our generation has a chance at reversing our mistakes. Solar power is the most popular, affordable, practical and available green energy resource that we are not only passionate about, but qualified in offering. To be able to make a difference to the environment by offering this service to the Mornington Peninsula and beyond is nothing but a dream come true.

Let's move on to another benefit, one that hits a little more personally- yes, we are talking about your back pocket! Solar power, and all renewable-energy for that matter is essentially FREE. After the initial start-up costs and investment, the energy source itself is free. Solar power uses the sunlight and converts it to electricity to power your home not only in a more sustainable way, but at a much lower rate. Save on your bills and focus on what is important!

On that note: we would LOVE to assist you! Contact us today to discuss your solar needs, we would love to talk you through it and show you what your options are. See you soon.

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