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Lighting Design VS Architectural Lighting Design: why you need both

Updated: Apr 20

Our recent project with THA Constructions "Jones Road" is the epitome of how architecture and lighting work hand in hand to facilitate design while maintaining functionality. Designed by Lighting Options and installed by us, this has to be one of our favourite projects to date.

Lighting Design relates to simple function - light required here so I can see there.

Architectural Lighting Design relates to aesthetic - light required here so feature over there is clearly showcased.

Some aspects of this style design incorporated into the Jones Rd project include:

  • low-level lighting on stairs/hallways

  • architectural light fittings in the lounge & throughout

  • accent lighting throughout

  • uplighting/downlighting

This style of lighting design allows creativity to collaborate with purpose and set the tone of a room or space. For example, LED Strip lighting in a kitchen elevates the aesthetic of something as simple as a set of cupboards, or additionally, back-mirror lighting elevates the design and shape making the mirror itself a feature that demands attention by those entering.

To achieve contemporary function and luxury design architectural lighting design is a necessity, and something we at DNL are experienced and passionate about.

Not yet convinced of the importance of architectural lighting? Check out Jones Rd Project in more detail below!


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