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Solar & Our Why

What does our future look like based on the current rate of global warming? Well, babies born today:

- Could see heatwaves become the new normal by the time they turn 20

- Could see hundred of thousands of species go extinct before they turn 30

- Could see 1/5 of the world become a "barely liveable hot zone" before they turn 50

...If emissions are not cut in half by 2030.

[source: @unclimatechange]

This is our why at DNL. We care about our environment, we are concerned for the future generations to come and we are passionate about reversing the damage resulting from global warming. The projections listed above and the many more we are heading toward don't shine a bright light on the future of our planet. Together we can address this and make changes, right now, for a brighter, better tomorrow. Solar power as a renewable energy resource is available to each and every one of us. With the support of the government via their rebate packages and with DNL by your side, you can contribute to the fight against the climate crisis. Let's do it together.

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