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Tis' the season to... get SOLAR

Updated: Jan 19

The sun is shining! Your electrical bills could be halved! You can contribute to the reversal of global warming! Three reasons why investing in a solar system never looked so damn good.

At DNL, we are passionate about renewable energy... if you hadn't noticed. Unlike many in our industry, we aren't jumping on the tails of a market trend. We are promoting a lifestyle we live and breathe personally- just ask our director Daniel!

Daniel has solar on his own home, and sat down to answer a few questions with us about why he chose solar for him and his family.

Let's start big first: why did you invest in solar? Was it purely a financial decision?

No, not at all. After the birth of my daughter my views really changed. I started to consider the world around me, and what it would be like for her in the future. Working in the industry I was exposed to the benefits of solar on all levels: financial and the environmental benefits. Seeing the projections based on the current rate of global warming scared me, and made me wonder just what kind of world she would be living in when she is my age. Getting solar made me feel like as a father, I was doing my part for my daughter, and as a human, I was doing my part for the planet. The financial benefits are obviously great too, but it was definitely an environmental decision for me.

Explain the process to us from start to finish.

I followed the same process for my personal installation as the one I use for my clients. From start to finish I:

  • Inspected the roof onsite

  • Got the last electrical bill

  • Designed the system based on the roof space and specific electrical requirments

  • Quoted the supply and installation after researching the best panels from reputable manufacturers and my financial capabilities

  • Applied for the Solar Vic rebate

  • Once approved and all paperwork completed, installed the panels in one day

  • Arranged the inspection

  • Once all checked, completed all further paperwork and got the system connected with my provider

  • Enjoyed cheaper electrical bills and slept better knowing I was part of the global warming solution, not the problem

Have you seen a change in your electrical bills since installation in 2020?

Absolutely! My electrical bills are now in credit every month. It has been a great financial decision for me and my family.

Why are you passionate about solar? What do you love most about it?

The same reasons as I discussed earlier. I am passionate because renewable energy is the way of the future. It's inevitable, so why not now? What I love most about solar is that it is better for our planet, what I love most about working in the solar industry, is that I can pave the way for our clients, competitors and industry as a whole with my passion, and remove any misconceptions and bad business from our industry. I love helping people, and solar supply and installation enables me to do this every day.

Is there a solar misconception you would like to clear up for our readers?

That solar is expensive. While the initial investment (upfront costs) may seem scary, in the long run you do nothing but benefit. I like to tell my clients that an investment in solar is a marathon, not a sprint. I guess that can be applied in a financial sense as well as the environmental sense. Circling back to the financial investment though, the rebates our government offer (if you are eligible) are just further incentive to take the leap towards a greener future.

Why should our readers work with DNL in achieving their solar goals?

I'll let our clients tell you.....

"DNL Solar sold and installed my system for me at our family home. After numerous quotes and home visits I was confused and overwhelmed to say the least. Daniel and his team were able to simply and professionally explain to me the best system for our home and for our energy needs. They even helped me with finance and the government rebate. We booked in a day soon after the paperwork was completed and before I knew it I had my brand new system up and running. DNL were timely, professional, easy to communicate with and have kept an ongoing relationship with us since the install. I have recommended DNL and Daniel to all of my friends and family. I would never use anyone else."

P. Bray

"DNL Electrical & Solar installed solar panels in my home. From the start of the process to completion he and his team kept me informed with exactly what was needed to install my solar panels. The whole process was very efficient from installation to cleaning up. I highly recommend DnL for their professional from start to completion. "

L. Woods

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