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Our Why

To kickstart our blogs we thought it would be fitting to introduce you to DNL Electrical & Solar and explain why we do what we do. While founding and managing a business has its obvious reasons: to earn money, facilitate a career, pursue a passion or area of interest- for our Director, Daniel Leonard, it runs much deeper.

The electrical industry had been a part of Daniel's life for upwards of 12 years before DNL came to life, planting its first roots on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, however it's birth was fuelled by his passion for renewable energy in the wake of his daughters birth.

Having a child changes your views on the world around you- that's nothing new to parents alike and perhaps even you reading this, so contributing to a greener future, one Daniel would be comfortable and content sending his children toward, became integral to his operations within the solar industry.

Upon entering this growing but vital industry, it became clear that was a gap between the chain of communication and process from the design/quoting stages, to install, to maintenance - a gap that was leaving solar customers with negative experiences and deterring new costumers from taking the plunge to go green.

Through extensive research and experience DNL Solar bridges this gap, providing its clients with a seamless transition from non-renewable to renewable energy, helping them take a step forward for as individuals and for society as a whole. At every stage our team is there to assist, educate and facilitate sustainable energy and reduced financial burden.

Daniel believes that we can reverse the effects of global warming in this lifetime- together, through the investment in renewable energy. Our why is what drives DNL day-to-day and we too hope can inspire you to do the same.

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